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Comprehensive magazine style site about all-things-luxury. Earn from your own luxury store (and from adverts). Your affiliate websites are not making enough money with low commissions on cheap products? Try promoting $2,000 watches, $1,000 cameras, $1,200 treadmills, $400 glasses… and many more expensive best sellers from Amazon! Enjoy high commissions, plus 90 days cookies, on-site shopping cart (sell multiple products at once!), even wishlist — and watch your earnings increase dramatically! Products variations and special features such as filter by price, layered nav, Ajax dynamic search make the entire shopping experience absolutely delightful and your store on par with the major e-tailers. Not just shopping: the site also syndicates the best content re:luxury such as lifestyle, fashion, trends, travel, cars, properties, culture and more!


High profit automated website for sale!

LUXURY webzine w/e-shop



  • Tired of not making enough money with low commissions on cheap products? Try promoting $2,000 watches, $1,000 (or $28,000!) cameras, $1,200 treadmills, $400 glasses… and other expensive best sellers from Amazon! Get 5 to 10% commissions on expensive items PLUS 90 days cookies (instead of 1-day) PLUS on-site shopping cart (huge difference) PLUS wishlist and other features, and watch your earnings increase dramatically!
  • Introducing the NEW way to build Amazon Associates stores… like REAL STORES! You could even sell your OWN products, no changes required!
  • Decide what to sell, pick the products that you want; show best sellers, items on sale, latest arrivals, show by price or brand… any possible combination. A Cron will keep your inventory daily updated automatically!!
  • PRODUCTS VARIATIONS and special features such as filter by price, layered nav, Ajax dynamic search make the entire shopping experience absolutely delightful and your store on par with the major e-tailers.
  • Amazing fully mobile responsive design with BIG PICTURES (automatic, no editing required) and a never seen before perfect INTEGRATION between theme, shopping cart plugin and Amazon plugin!

Another great Amazon store with on-site shopping cart full e-commerce AND an extremely comprehensive syndication function so that the site posts dozens of headlines re:all-things-luxury, such as luxury living, culture, fashion, trends, and of course luxury cars, watches & jewelry, properties etc.

All the articles get into the ‘loop’ which is done in magazine style (Pinterest-like infinite scrolling). Clicking on a headline will open the story at the original site (in a new window of course) but with one click you can change this to open stories on site. Notice that all the external links on site (including of course affiliate adverts) are cloaked (this improves safety and SEO: short links, adds nofollow, no affiliate link hijacking, no more PR leaking, looks cool etc.).

Our site is quite similar to many other Pinterest-like aggregators, some of them quite important and successful, such as Zergnet.com, a Google Page Rank 6 (Alexa 1606th) site. The difference is that we also have a fully featured e-store.

The homepage has a very effective advert space (top left above the fold); this is the highest gravity Clickbank product at the moment but could be any other ad (your choice). Notice some featured products for sale under this. We also have social icons (top left) and an opt-in box (grab visitors’ emails, top right). If you click on ‘Affordable luxuries’ (can be renamed obviously) and its children, you will see a great integration with WooCommerce showing the best and most lucrative Amazon products. We’ve gone for watches, jewelry, fitness, gourmet etc. but of course you can add many other categories. Amazon have tons of very expensive items that get plenty of sales (like $3600 rings sold with plenty of real reviewers). The Amazon plugin allows to hand pick any products you want from Amazon just like having a real store (so no automation, you pick and sell only the products you want, like a real store. In fact, with WooCommerce you could also sell your own products, the site is in fact a real e-store).

Untitled-1This site could become very remunerative because, obviously, you will pick Amazon’s expensive best sellers, and thanks to the on site cart, we have 90 days cookies (instead of 24 hours) that make making a profit 90 times more likely of course (imagine getting up in the morning to find a very nice ~$2,500 commission on a Leica camera, above, in your Amazon panel!).

In addition, you probably know that if one goes to Amazon following your link (could be a $200 watch) and ends up buying something else, even 2 or 3 months later (could be a $900 bicycle) you still get the commission (on the $900, not the $200!). Forget other plugins such as WPRobot (not because not good but because it’s an entirely different functionality) that pull in products from Amazon automatically. This one works manually, which is one of its strengths: no risk to pull in unwanted products or cheap items. Sell only best sellers, or products on sale, or super expensive, or latest arrivals… whatever works for you… you are the shop owner!  You can choose an Amazon category, the desired filters, get a list of products, check the ones you want and they get pulled in and populate the WooCommerce products database along with variations (sizes, colors etc.) and big photos… magic! Or, you can enter an unlimited number of ASIN numbers, which you can get for free from online utilities.

Once done this little manual work (of course we have already added dozens of products for you) the rest is automatic, the plugin will take care of keeping the inventory fresh via a hidden WP Cron job permanently enabled (as well as reviews, descriptions, price etc.). Visitors will see the products with the latest price, will be able to add multiple products to the on site shopping cart and check out from Amazon, which is convenient, secure and very handy since many visitors do not want to enter their credit card and delivery address details in an unknown site (many big e-tailers use Amazon checkout). And now that Amazon have just launched their new ‘Login and pay with Amazon’ service (seriously challenging Paypal as a payment processor) the future can only be bright for sites that offer Amazon checkout (who doesn’t trust Amazon?).

Features list with further details:

  • e-commerce works with either affiliate products (Amazon sells and ships, you get a commission) OR even with real physical products (sold and shipped from you).
  • on-site shopping cart, get commissions for multiple items at once!
  • 90-days Amazon cookies instead of a 24-hours window – earning potential fully maximized.
  • create your store like a real store, this feature is NOT automated: you can pick any products you want!
  • unique features such as: – possible layered nav – user selectable product variations (colors, size etc.) – possible price filters – Ajax search (no need to click ‘search’ just enter a term or part of it (like ‘aviator’) – images galleries related products wishlists reviews will greatly enhance your visitors’ shopping experience.
  • WordPress Cron to keep your inventory up-to-date.
  • outstanding integration between theme, shopping cart plugin and Amazon plugin.
  • works with Amazon USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, China, Italy, Spain and India.
  • very detailed customization instructions
  • the only requirement is that SOAP and cURL extensions must be installed/enabled on your server (most hosts including ourselves install these by default but ask yours if in doubt because a few don’t). affiliate turnkey websites shop

Add any category/products you want and show them all in an elegant integration with the main site, which, let’s not forget, is a fully featured luxury magazine that will bring in 1000s of readers with big pockets!


In ‘Product view’ we have variations, add to (on-site) cart, add to wishlist (!), products description and Amazon reviews! Make sure to visit the site thoroughly to see all the features!

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