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A MONSTER site aggregating all the major (70 !) websites about the evergreen money making, extra income and blogging for profit niches! Entirely automated the site requires almost no maintenance. Profit with AdSense and especially ClickBank (the big payer here) which is heavily promoted with their top gravity products. Get $50-$100 each sale, no need for big traffic! Biggest site in our portfolio, all topics covered, plus videos, Amazon store and more!! A MUST HAVE and important website for every affiliate marketer, yet being offered at a very low price!

Premium Ready made Website for Sale!

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A MONSTER site aggregating all the major (70 !) websites about the evergreen make money, extra income and blogging x profit niches! ClickBank (the big payer here) heavily promoted, get $50-$100 _per sale_!

No need to show Google Trends above or write about the current economy to explain why the extra-money making niche is super hot. The term ‘make money’ gets searched almost 6 million times a month. What are all these people looking for? Certainly not a way to become rich. Most of them just want an extra income, possibly a business from home, hopefully easy and always online. Blogging, Internet and affiliate marketing, passive income, but also investing, ideas and strategies, business opportunities and so on. Well, if you look at our new entirely automated site, all these topics (and more) have been thoroughly covered.

The sites aggregates content from over 70 among the best and more trafficked money making and affiliate marketing advice websites. One hit on the update button pulled in over 800 posts in one shot. There’s also videos and the usual goodies such as an Amazon store, social links, fully mobile responsive design (incredibly important feature nowadays) and our usual attention to every detail.

How you monetize this daily changing site? You can have up to three AdSense ads on every page (Google pays $5-$10 per click in anything related to money), all the other ads (there’s plenty) are all best sellers and top payers from ClickBank. WorkFromNoHome, Google Sniper, DotComSecretX and the others are the very best at the moment and they all pay in the $50-$100 per sale region.

So even with as little as 50 visitors a day, even if only one of them makes a purchase, you get some very nice money. (In addition the site also has an Amazon aStore with related publications).

Remember ALL the most important news related to money making and affiliate marketing are here, in fact, the site is so interesting that we have subscribed to its feed ourselves. To add interest to the site there’s also 120 videos, playing in a very nice large lightbox.

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