Massage therapies


Includes 100s of videos, Amazon products and massaging tips. Very comprehensive three-colums design with all the possible massage techniques (27!). Videos and articles get updated automatically via WPRobot (over 30 different campaigns). Homepage changes every day and you do nothing to maintain the site! Custom designed header, opt-in box, social links, $90 WordPress framework, updates for life, SEO built in and comprehensive instructions.


Premium Ready Made Website For Sale!

Massage Therapies videos & products


Includes 100s of VIDEOS, Amazon products and massaging tips.

27 massage techniques covered and properly subdivided!

Fully automated with WPRobot, new homepage every day, ZERO maintenance site!

With the sedentary lifestyle that home/office work is leading us to, it’s not surprising that Google Insights shows an ever growing number of searches in the massage therapies category.

In fact, this niche has always been a hit, but, first it is still a low competition category (with AdSense paying $7.12 for simple keywords such as ‘massage therapist’) and second, generally websites re:massage all look the same (a bunch of plr articles and a few pics).

We have taken a different approach with a very comprehensive three-colums design which includes VIDEOS (played in a fancy lightbox, and there’s 27 categories!) for pretty much all the existing different massage techniques, ARTICLES (this could become a blog or curated content section, so popular nowadays, if you wanted to write or outsource your own content), and AMAZON PRODUCTS.

Videos and articles get updated automatically via WPRobot, so the homepage changes every day, and the site pulls in tons of content, all related to (see tagline) massage techniques, health, wellness and stress relief (from an Internet marketing point of view it doesn’t get any better than this).

Graphically the site looks very delicate and elegant, with a custom header designed by our artist Irene. There is also an opt-in box (you give away a free ebook and collect visitors emails), social links, and plenty of advertisement, especially in the internal pages with two sidebars full of ads. You don’t have to use/customize the same ads, you can use any affiliate program you want). Of course you also make a profit when visitors purchase a product from the right column i.e. Amazon. As said videos are displayed at a pleasantly large size using a fancy lightbox effect.

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