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Mountain Biking


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Mountain Biking aggregator site is designed specifically for your visitors as well as to provide greater opportunities in terms of revenue. You can see it from the navigation that is straightforward, simple and easy.
The site primarily uses Adsense, and Amazon affiliate; but you may promote other large-scale affiliate products such as ClickBank.

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Mountain Biking


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Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is an evergreen niche with a lot of people interested in:

  • There are now 50 million mountain bikers in the United States.
  • In Canada 3 to 7.5 million which is 10% to 25% percentage of total population of Canada who participate in mountain biking activities.
  • 23% of Marin’s Open Space visitors are now on mountain bikes.
  • 2 million people in the UK alone take part in the industry.

The site automatically upload content related to the best niche keywords:

  • Mountain Biking Gear
  • Mountain Biking Races
  • Mountain Biking Training
  • Mountain Biking Trails
  • Mountain Biking Equipment

Make money selling the best seller related products like:

  • Shorts
  • Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Smart Watches

In addition, the site also promotes Adsense and Amazon ads (or any other affiliate program you may want).

Notice about automated websites

1) Most automated sites are slowed down or paused in order to save resources. Once you get your automated site, Cron jobs will be obviously un-paused and posts will be current.

2) With aggregators, you can choose whether to show posts on site, or have the original stories open in a new window at the original site (default behavior).

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