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The site uses Amazon RSS real-time feeds to pull in all best sellers AND new publications, all related to the “fiction” genre. This could easily be changed any other literary category, so with just some quick clicks you could duplicate the site multiple times to different literary genres! Additionally, the site also syndicates Books Reviews from different websites, addinf further interest to the site. Monetization is done when visitors click on the book(s) and go to Amazon to make their purchase, and it is also integrated with several static adverts on each page. The site does not use any Amazon plugins (such as WPRobot) so not only the price is very low but at the same time it is also easy to use (completely automated) and suitable for beginners.

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New & Best Selling fiction books from Amazon

The site is fully functional, click pic to visit!

Literature & fiction books - new releases and best sellers - updated daily!

The site is in blog style and different from all our other ‘Amazon’ sites. In fact, instead of using the usual plugins (WPRobot etc.) to pull in Amazon’s products, we have used Amazon’s own RSS feeds. In books Amazon have two major sections, ‘Best sellers’ and ‘New releases’, so we have two feeds for each category, as per top menu. At whatever time interval you prefer (daily is okay) the site updates the 10 Best Sellers and the 10 New Releases from Amazon (obviously your Amazon associates ID will be attached to each item).

This way instead of the usual trite Amazon associate store with hundreds or even thousands of random items, often of little interest or just old, we show – chronologically sorted of course – the best selling books AND the new publications that readers are waiting for, all of these related to the literary fiction genre. In fact, the categories, as per top menu, are obviously just a fraction of the vast choice of literary genres available at Amazon.

By simply editing categories names and feeds you could easily change the entire site to post different literary genres (e.g. Children’s books, Technology & Computers, Religion, Hobbies, Cooking, Business, Arts…. there are dozens of course, and all of them have sub-genres, imagine the possibilities if you plan to duplicate the site! For example, what about a Science Fiction only site, subdivided in Time Travel, Steampunk, Hard SF, Aliens etc. Changing the site as shown to a different topic would only take a few minutes and very moderate tech skills – remember no Amazon plugins or WPRobot campaigns or hard stuff, just a few feeds!).

We actually find this website very useful ourselves; it’s a quick and efficient way to see what’s new and what’s selling in most readers’ favorite literary genres. Finding which books to buy/read next is faster and cleaner than actually browsing Amazon. Plus, since we obviously keep all previous posts, but show them chronologically, eventually the site will have a very long list of books (not just 20 for each category of course), all of them current or past hot sellers, with the new ones always at the top of the list.

Additionally, the site also syndicates Books Reviews from different websites, which will further contribute to give interest and SEO-juice to the site. There is no menu entry for ‘Reviews’ but just click on the link (RECENT REVIEWS) on the right sidebar to see how beautiful they look.

Finally, you could even add your own content if inclined to do so, otherwise the site is entirely hands-free.

Monetization is done when visitors click on the book(s) and go to Amazon to make their purchase, but it is also integrated with several (seven actually) static adverts, so that even when visitors do not make a purchase, there are chances they click on your ads. As usual, remember that if one goes to Amazon via an $3 ebook link from your site, and ends up also buying a $2,000 camcorder, you get the commission on the $2,000 too!

Graphically the site is similar (same theme) to our recent and much appreciated fashion blog (but not quite the same design, of course, in fact we’ve removed the Masonry effect, added menus etc.). It also uses the latest code available with full HTML5 markup etc. (Google loves this stuff).

Also: built in SEO, fast loading, fully mobile responsive, self updating theme, plus the usual goodies such as over $120 of licensed software (including Autoblogged, the paid syndication plugin), updates for life and, as always, our easy to follow instructions.

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