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Beautiful and completely automated turnkey website about networking at home and office. Includes Amazon store and advertisement from the major players such as CompUSA, TigerDirect and CircuitCity. Perfect for beginners, entirely on autopilot. No maintenance necessary! Make money with Amazon affiliate program selling routers, switches, NAS etc. and with advertisement such as AdSense, InfoLinks, LinkShare and many other affiliate programs.

Premium Ready made Website For Sale!



Hugely profitable tech niche!

Entirely Automatic Site!

An elegant and polished layout (brand new theme…) in a very profitable niche. Since pretty much everyone now has more than one Internet-connected “gadgets” at home or office (computers, Playstations, phones, tablets, media centers and so on) there is a HUGE amount of searches on how to connect these devices in order to share data and Internet. (Google knows this very well, so keywords such as ‘small business network’ and ‘computer networking’ costs >$15 average!).

Profiting from visitors clicking on ads is just a side aspect of the site. The site features the popular & powerful WPRobot plugin being used to pull content from Amazon automatically. Content and the entire homepage (including the beautiful slideshow) keep changing (at intervals that you specify) for the joy of visitors and of course Google.

So make a profit when visitors click, when they make a purchase via a link (or via the included Amazon Store), and when they visit the many affiliate links throughout the site, including some major players such as CompUSA, TigerDirect and CircuitCity.

The site offers interest to visitors not only because shopping here is easy, thanks to the clear and neat layout, but also because every networking products category has its own information (as a drop down menu below each) explaining visitors what are routers, switches, NAS and so on. You can easily add more content of course (or customize the content already present) since WordPress is so easy to use.

READY TO RUN with ANY affiliate programs such as AdSense, Amazon, CJ, LinkShare, ClickBank, Chitika, AdBrite, Kontera, Infolinks… without the need to install plugins.

Optmized for SEO without any plugin. Very fast and modern code fully updated to the latest WordPress 3.2x, Google Webfonts and our usual fanatical attention to every detail.

Notice about automated websites

1) Most automated sites are slowed down or paused in order to save resources. Once you get your automated site, Cron jobs will be obviously un-paused and posts will be current.

2) With aggregators, you can choose whether to show posts on site, or have the original stories open in a new window at the original site (default behavior).

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