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Outstanding photography showcase membership site. Once joined photographers get exposure and links to their websites and Facebook pages. Photographers also get a portfolio page to which they will be eager to backlink and promote. Visitors can see their work, make comments, rate and share it. The site comes with over 55 members signed-up, 150 posts, and almost 300 hires images, plus comments and ratings. Great WordPress integration with infinite scrolling, membership, ratings, upload forms, social ‘likes’ and more! Open to customization in case you want to take the site further or change topics. Each site will be unique since all content is uploaded by members. Monetize from affiliate ads, or change to paid membership, or sell your own ads. Everything works automatically, you don’t have to do anything to upload, edit or approve photos or posts. No manual work at all.

Our most ‘UNIQUE’ site (visitors make the content)!

Photo sharing membership site



  • Biggest site we’ve ever made, NOW COMPLETELY REDESIGNED FROM SCRATCH!
  • VISITORS MAKE NEW CONTENT uploading their photos, comments, tips, and voting. All automatically, you don’t need to do anything to maintain the site!
  • Great integration with membership, RATINGS, multiple forms, social ‘likes’ and integrated ads!
  • Open to customization in case you want to take the site further or change topics or ‘go vertical’ (e.g. wedding photos, food photos, New York photographers etc.).
  • Each site will be unique since all content is made by visitors!
  • Multiple monetization: from affiliate ads, or change to paid membership, or sell your own ads. You can place any number of ads at will everywhere on the homepage (plus inside!).  [NEW!]
  • Everything works automatically, you don’t have to do anything to upload, edit or approve posts, comments, ratings (unless you want to). No manual work at all to manage the site.
  • Comes preloaded with hundreds of photos, lots of members w/full profile, comments etc.
  • Each member gets his/her own portfolio page with unique URL. Members will build traffic to their page, basically working for you for FREE.
  • Every form (register, login, upload, comment, contact page) has a CAPTCHA for maximum spam protection. [NEW!]
  • A pleasure to browse with an outstanding true ‘Pinterest-like’ infinite scrolling mobile friendly design. [NEW!]

150posts This is by far the most complex and time consuming site we’ve ever built, especially because of the various forms, upload options, membership implementation, theme customization, ‘pinterest-look’, voting system, design, and above all, security. Even more importantly, to get you started, we have painstakingly manually created over 150 posts, registered 50 users (complete with email, website, facebook page etc.!) and uploaded hundreds of hires images (complete with comments!). Since this kind of sites attracts spammers, we have recently redesigned it from scratch in order to be more secure (there are captchas everywhere). The site is meant to showcase the work of professional and amateur photographers for exposure, sharing and inspiration. This kind of sites have the potential to get huge traffic because photographers get exposure and links to their own website and social pages, as well as their own gallery URL (so this site is valuable especially for those who don’t have a website and are looking for a quick way to make a portfolio page with its own URL). Visitors can see their work, comment, vote, share it via the social icons and so on. PORTFOLIO Clicking below the post title (in single post view) opens the portfolio page of that particular photographer, which is a fixed URL with the username in it, so photographers will be more than eager to backlink and build traffic to their portfolio… i.e. to YOUR site! Users can upload single photos, or ‘sets’ (up to five images) with each submission, along with comment (ideally, photographic tips, advice etc.). So the site is great for casual visitors (great images to look at), for photographers (exposure, free portfolio page, social sharing etc.), and for you (since you get A: new and unique content and B: without doing any work, which is any Internet marketer’s dream). We had to use a membership system obviously. This membership plugin is extremely sophisticated and here it’s been used at its minimum potential, but if you want you can add different levels of membership, even paid (i.e. Paypal payments) and many other options. To submit images, visitors need to register, after that they get an automated email with login details and are also immediately taken to the upload page (this behavior can be changed). The submit page is a quite elaborate form which allows to enter member details, category, upload photo(s), add a comment, tags (very useful for SEO) and agree to the terms. Obviously you get all members details such as email address for newsletters or other marketing, invaluable for SEO. captchas Site notifications. Again to keep it simple for the site owner, you don’t get notifications or have to approve anything, everything is automatic, but if you want, you can get notifications when users registers, or make comments, or upload photos (and approve manually). Feel free to try the site making an account and uploading a photo. Monetization. Photographers are big spenders so the site benefits from the various adverts. The beauty of the theme used is that you can edit ANY post and add an affiliate advert to it. As you can see the site comes with several adverts as an example. Additionally, in single view (every post and page), we have a sidebar with more adverts (as many as you like), and two banners above the fold. rating-splash Once the site will get traffic, you could monetize it even further, adding a paid membership, featured photos, and of course your could sell ads spaces directly to photographers and members. In addition, since the site is so easy to use (WordPress….), you could add an Amazon store, or more features to attract more visitors, such as a forum or social capabilities, or your own personal blog about photography and so on. You could also easily change, add or remove the site categories. We have used the most popular such as nature, people, pets etc. to create a wide spectrum site about photography. But you might for example want to make a site entirely dedicated to black & white photography, or to landscapes, or food and so on (even more vertical, you could combine geo/genre, for example ‘LandscapePhotographySeattle.com’_ just thoughts). There is no limit to the features and monetization capabilities that this site has!


Notice about automated websites

1) Most automated sites are slowed down or paused in order to save resources. Once you get your automated site, Cron jobs will be obviously un-paused and posts will be current.

2) With aggregators, you can choose whether to show posts on site, or have the original stories open in a new window at the original site (default behavior).

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