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THREE-IN-ONE REAL ESTATE PACKAGE!! Yes! After much work (and several requests…), we’ve finally made it! The real estate site! Outstanding design, and quite UNIQUE, for it can be used in THREE different ways, according to your own requirements. Please read on… it’s worth it!

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Real Estate

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After much work (and several requests…), we’ve finally made it! The real estate site! Outstanding design, and quite UNIQUE, for it can be used in THREE different ways, according to your own requirements. Please read on…

ONE. If you are a realtor, real estate agent, or involved with the real estate business, you can use the site for your own agency. In this context, this is a fully-featured real estate company website with the possibility to add your very own properties listings, with pictures, description, Google maps, multi-agents, property search, articles (blog), newsletter and all the functions that one may expect from a real estate website (except the price! A site like this would cost a fortune bespoke). The design is completely “open” and easy to customize!

TWO. If you are into turnkey websites (affiliates etc.) you can also use it, for the site has plenty of content (PLR articles etc.), ads, affiliate links and all the usual stuff (Amazon, AdSense, ClickBank etc.). In this context, it is the most beautiful “affiliates” real estate website we’ve ever seen, of course more content and resources can be added (what about dsIDXpress to embed live real estate data for example).

THREE. The last gem is that the site PROFITS from classified ads (properties listings) published by real people looking to sell their own homes. This will bring you 1) cash payments, 2) traffic, and 3) fresh content, which Google loves. There is an e-commerce function already built-in, so that visitors can easily make a Paypal payment (either one-off or subscription based) and get their real estate ads published. When this happens, your very simple job will be to create a new post and copy the ad into it. Advertisers get to the (secret) listing page ONLY after completing the Paypal payment, so that when you get the automated email advising you to publish a listing, you know you already got the money. The visitors will also be able to download a complementary real estate ebook after the payment. Of course all these functions can also be easily changed and customized. (Note: The ad cost has been temporarily set at 10 cent, so feel free to test the e-commerce feature yourself, see the classified entry form and get the e-book too! :))-

WHAT ELSE? It certainly doesn’t end here, for you also get all the “little things” that you’ve been LOVING from us! Including: SAP (Smart Ads Placement). Click on “Articles” for example: all the ads have changed! You can have different content and ads on EVERY SINGLE PAGE of the site! Talk of targeted advertising huh! Plus: Fresh, modern coded and genuine commercial theme framework worth $89 (w/free updates for life, last update Dec2010). SEO built-in (already optimized and also constantly updated). HOOKS (place anything on any page). PSD logo graphics. Tons of content, with graphics. Working contact page, rss feeds and subscription. Easy to follow instructions. Easy to customize: as it is the site comes with 4 color schemes, plus, by changing the child (remember it’s a framework design) you can have a compete make-over within minutes. Free hosting and terrific domain name always (when you buy the site with domain). Strictly limited edition design (when you buy the package). And of course artist-designed graphics and interface.-


Q. I do not want the classified ads function, is it possible to remove it? Yes, it takes two clicks.

Q. I do not want the Articles section, is it possible to get a blog instead? Sure, just rename the menu title and you have a blog.

Q. I want to add more specifics (bedrooms, badrooms etc.) is it possible? Yes as many as you want.

Q. I want to change the colors, logo etc.? Yes the design comes with 4 colors schemes and PSD logo file.

Q. I want more custom fields in the listings, is that possible? Yes there is a special page where you can add customs fields, like garden, pool, rent etc. etc. You make the fields, they do no come preconfigured.

Q. I do not want advertising, can I remove it? Yes you have full control on the ads that appear (or not) on the site.

Q. I want more (or less) Property Search parameters in the search widget? Yes you can change the number.

Q. Can I remove (or change) the complementary ebook sent to subscribers with something else? Yes you can.

Q. Can I offer a subscription only service? Yes you have full control on the e-commerce part of the site.

Q. Is this website suitable for a total newbie to WordPress? It requires a bit of technical skills, mainly because it’s big, rather than complex. Of course it comes with instructions on how to customize it.



Notice about automated websites

1) Most automated sites are slowed down or paused in order to save resources. Once you get your automated site, Cron jobs will be obviously un-paused and posts will be current.

2) With aggregators, you can choose whether to show posts on site, or have the original stories open in a new window at the original site (default behavior).

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