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Completely automated turnkey website about PC parts and components. Perfect for beginners, entirely on autopilot. DOUBLE AUTOMATION with WPRobot and News Aggregator. Every day a different homepage showing the latest products and news from the hardware industry. Extremely high CPC in the top technological niche there is. Includes all Amazon products and advertisement from the major players such as CompUSA, TigerDirect and CircuitCity, plus of course AdSense and any other affiliate program you may want to use.

Premium Ready made Website For Sale!


Hugely profitable High Tech niche!

Double Engine News-Reviews Aggregator WPRobot!

Entirely Automatic Site Ideal For Beginners!

A website (in a niche) like this (notice the tagline: “build, repair, maintain and upgrade your PC”) could easily become hugely popular and profitable, just like monster sites like Tom’s Hardware. So, we have used all our skills to make 1) shopping on site (top gray section) easy for visitors (easier than shopping at Amazon’s – they have too much and it’s confusing! Who wants a 3,5″ disk drive?), 2) stay informed (bottom white section) with all the news and reviews from the computers parts & components HUGE industry. Plus, besides profiting from affiliate marketing and sales (of course), the site is clearly open to any customization (like, for example, it would be great for system integrators to offer their built PCs, or for those involved in maintenance to offer their technical services locally, or computer enthusiasts who could add further value to the site with a blog or a forum or price comparisons and so on .

So WPRobot news aggregator tons of highly profitable advertisement an easy to change/add content interface as usual, for an ever changing homepage (including the slideshow) pulling in automatically (via Cron) all the best and latest from the computer hardware industry (along with precious keywords and tags) and all the hardware one may need to build or upgrade/repair a PC from Amazon.

So make a profit when visitors just click (at a VERY decent $4/$5 average for words such as computer parts — see pic), when they make a purchase via an Amazon link, and when they visit the many affiliate links throughout the site, including some major players from LinkShare such as CompUSA, TigerDirect and CircuitCity.

Re: Affiliate customization. As said we have used LinkShare extensively. You do not have to use the same advertisement, you can replace a LinkShare ad with Amazon, AdSense, ClickBank, whatever. But if you want to purchase this site and intend to use LinkShare and are not affiliate with them yet, please join and then seek approval from these (or other) hardware vendors. AFTER you get approved purchase the site. If you want us to customize the affiliate links for you (extra service), same thing, join LS, seek approval, then supply us with the links or give us access to you LS panel with the vendors approval already there.

Optimized for SEO without any plugin. Commercial theme worth $89 with free updates for life. Very fast and modern code fully updated to the latest WordPress 3.2x, Google Webfonts and our usual fanatical attention to every detail.

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