Sell all the latest smartphones from Amazon and show new video reviews and articles every day! Fully automated with WPRobot, entire site changes every day, zero maintenance make this a beginners friendly WordPress website! Fully mobile responsive so to look great on tablets, iPads and phones. Call to Action opt-in box via Feedburner. Easy to customize to something entirely different if you want to! Social links, multiple sidebars and more! Easy way to get you started in affiliate marketing.


Premium Ready Made Website For Sale!


The site is live and 100% functional, click link to view!


Get all the latest smartphones from Amazon, plus related articles and videos reviews!

Fully automated with WPRobot, entire site changes every day, ZERO maintenance!

Opt-in box, lightbox video player, fully mobile responsive, multiple sidebars and more!

Google Trends graphic below tells the story about how hot this niche is. The site features a very elegant and modern fully mobile responsive layout so to look great also on tablets, iPads and phones. The design is neat, fluid and colorful. We have four featured videos at the top, a ‘Call to Action’ opt-in box (you collect visitors emails and could also add adverts into the feed. Subscribers get all your posts directly into their mail, all automated). Then we have, in blog style, the main loop with all the new smartphone from Amazon automatically pulled in every day (including reviews), mixed with articles and videos. Videos are also shown in the right sidebar and from the top menu. These videos play in a very elegant and large pop up lightbox. Clicking on videos from the top menu shows a different sidebar so to not duplicate the video posts in the main loop.

    All pages have three AdSense spaces, more can be added (of course you also make a profit when visitors purchase from Amazon). So even though the site does not look overcrowded with ads, it should convert well. The usual social links, contact and privacy page complete the site. The header is text based so just changing the site titles replaces the header (no need to use a graphics software). 




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