Sport cameras (review site)


Affiliate promoting site that can be adapted to many niches and products. The site promotes GoPro wearable/sports cameras and camcorders costing ~$300, you earn 20% on every sale. This is a very simply site ideal for beginners, yet it is capable of high earnings. You only need to write three reviews in order to provide the site with unique content, and drive some traffic. No other maintenance necessary to run the site.

Premium Ready made Website For Sale!

Wearable sport cameras

(Affiliate promoting site, can be adapted to any niche – keep reading)



Highly converting promoting website

This site is quite different from our other sites, it only promotes one reviewed product. In this listing we are proposing the site as shown (i.e. re: GoPro wearable cameras) but you can adapt this model to any other niche/product. This is basically what several affiliate marketing gurus teach in their WSOs or Internet marketing courses, like for example Google Sniper and others ‘methods’.

Understanding how the model works is easy: 1) Find a VERY HOT product. In this case we’ve chosen the three GoPro HD HERO 2 supercool cameras. As you can see these cameras are top sellers at Amazon (two models are No 1 and No 4 in the entire Cameras&Photo Best Sellers category, even better than giants like Canon and Nikon. Google Trends confirms that GoPro is steaming hot.

2) Find one or more lucrative affiliate programs. In this case you even have the choice whether affiliate the products either via Amazon Associates or GoPro themselves since they have their own affiliate programs via CJ. They pay 20% commission on every sale and have a $119 EPC at CJ (see pic)!

3) Get a very cool looking and professionally made website with video etc… A site made with the latest WordPress and code, fully mobile responsive, a commercial theme easy to work with and with free updates for life, SEO pre-optimized, a domain name with the right keywords…. just what we offer here!

4) Once you get the website your only job will be to write three reviews in order to give interest to the site and be found by search engines. This content should be unique, so you need to replace the wording within the site with your own. Plenty of people on fiverr willing to write three articles for $5 (or you can do that yourself rewriting someone else’s review).

5) Customization is a 2 mins job since you only need to replace your affiliate ID where it says ‘Buy Now’. Detailed instructions are provided. Drive traffic to the site and nothing else is needed since this is a no maintenance website. 6 (optional) With proper promotion this kind of minisites monetize well. The wearable cameras is just one idea. You don’t need to be a WordPress genius to see that the site has basically three posts. So it should be easy even for those not technically skilled to simply:

  • find another cool product (check hot sellers from Amazon, ClickBank products, Google trends etc.)
  • replace the video in the Video page (copy/paste youtube code)
  • edit the posts with new reviews and pictures (easier than sending an email)
  • change the affiliate links (as explained in the instructions)
  • replace the header (using the psd header supplied as a template)

As usual our SEO is top notch, site created on July 6th (no promotion whatsoever) shows up on Google first page in less than 24 hours on July 7th!!!



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