Sports Spread Betting aggregator


Powerful sports spread betting news aggregator, one of the most profitable sites in our portfolio. In this niche we have AdSense paying in excess of $100 per click, and high gravity ClickBank products paying over $1,500 from a single sale per year! All major sports covered, predictions, results, insights, commentaries etc. Fully automated, updates daily, no maintenance necessary. Dozens of sources. Includes license to top class autoblogging plugin AutoBlogged. The site is very open to further customizations and has the potential to become a true authority sports site.


High Converting Website For Sale!

Sports Spread Betting Aggregator

Sports betting is one of the highest converting niches there is!

AdSense paying in excess of $100 per CLICK!

High gravity ClickBank products paying over $1,500 from a SINGLE SALE per YEAR!

Sports betting news aggregators are _RARE_!

All major sports covered, fully automated, updates daily.

Spread betting has been a major growth market recently. As you know it carries a very high level of risk because you can win or loose way more than the original money wagered, hence the gazillion dollars market. Financial spread betting will be probably covered in a future design, for the moment we are excited to present a site related to sports betting (with a focus on spread betting).

The site aggregates headlines and content (predictions, results, insights, commentaries etc.) from dozens of sports betting blogs and websites. Having proper content with this site was paramount, hence the decision to step up the ‘engine’ and use a paid syndication plugin, AutoBlogged (you get full license and updates — and as usual you also get full license and updates for the theme used, in other words this site will never die on you, in fact none of our sites will).

A quick search with our trusted Micro Niche Finder reveals that AdSense pays up to over $100 per click in this niche, but the site also has five or six among the highest payers from the ClickBank Marketplace. These are high gravity best sellers paying hundreds of dollars from just one sale, such as the Z-Code System (left pic), just see for yourself how much they pay!

The Web is full of news aggregators, technological aggregators, politics aggregators etc. but very few betting aggregators. This means that competition is quite low, that the site could indeed become an authority in this niche, and that the profit potential is literally unlimited.

Thanks to the new syndication plugin (AutoBlogged), adding new feeds and actually even entire new multi-feed categories is now much easier than before (compared to our other aggregators). In addition, with one click you can decide whether show entire content, just the excerpt, or just the headline. You could even (one click) discard posts without pictures, so the site would become 100% graphical. You could even filter the posts based on keywords, or even (wow) search/replace text within the posts. And it is not just feeds: you can also add content from websites such as Flickr, YouTube, Twitter based on keywords.

The site layout is very neat and as usual fully mobile responsive. Changing Site Title and Tagline from within WordPress automatically changes the left part of the header (which is text, so no need to use a graphic software to make a new header).

Notice that the loop shows content from all the categories (more recent news at the top of course) but it’d be easy, if you wanted, to only show one category (like Top Stories, which is related to sports betting in general) and visitors would click on the menus to learn about the various sports. Also notice that the Latest News on the right does not belong to any menu so not to show twice on the page if visitors clicked on it.

You will learn more features from the admin panel of course; overall, it is a very open, very exciting site and it’s entirely up to you how to work it.


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