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Streetwear clothing store + urban lifestyle & fashion blog with lots of features


One of the most feature-rich affiliate e-commerce sites we’ve designed so far, no doubt one of the cutest and possibly profitable as well. Unlike our other fashion/clothing sites, it is geared towards hipsters and wealthy urban culture/hiphop rap lifestyles consumers… all big spenders! The design is awesome with animations, lightbox, Ajax shopping cart, even the ability to change ‘skin’ between dozens available. This is an affiliate (w/90 days/cookies!) AND a real e-store from which you could also sell real products if one day you wish to offer your own mail order. Either way it requires some work in order to have it populated with the latest trendy products from Amazon. Changing layout/design, effects etc., even though clearly explained, requires some technical skills. We do not recommend this site to complete beginners or the work-shy. An additional feature is the big syndication function that automatically adds posts (all with pictures) from dozens of related sources. These posts can open on site or at the original site. Of course you could even add your own content if you are inclined to become a blogger. Make sure to read the sale page and visit the site to learn more!

The ULTIMATE fashion store!

Streetwear clothing store with urban lifestyle & fashion blog


This is our second ‘fashion’ site posted this month of July (even though the other one is a polished blog-style fashion trends e-zine aggregator for women, so entirely different). Here instead, we have one of the most feature-rich affiliate e-commerce sites we’ve designed so far, no doubt one of the cutest (yet minimalistic), and possibly profitable as well. Unlike our other fashion/clothing sites, it is geared towards hipsters and wealthy urban culture/hiphop rap lifestyles (mostly male) consumers (all big spenders!). As such, this is not meant to be a site that you can purchase and forget. Even though it also has a fully automated syndication function, the site requires a little work to add products, which means that you need to be a bit experienced with both fashion and WordPress (two qualities that rarely go together… another advantage because it means that we won’t sell many of this – quite unfair because it’s taken ages to make).

The first thing to say about the layout is that it can be changed entirely with a few clicks, i.e. the large picture on the homepage and the ‘featured’ products underneath can be replaced in a minute, so the widgets in the footer. Likewise, our instructions clearly explain how to edit or add products categories from the top menu. Finally, thanks to a comprehensive plugin, you can choose how the products are shown: for example how many per page, the ‘grid’ style (including a ‘Pinterest-like’ look if you want), hundreds of amazing animation and effects, lightbox and so on. Amazingly, every category can have its own unique look! For example, click ‘hats’ and then ‘backpacks’, see how we’ve chosen longer pictures for the latter (it could have even been an entirely different grid layout). Try to visit the site, add a few products to the cart, see how ‘it feels’… just like shopping from a professionally custom-made store worth thousands! As you can see the site comes with 6…10 products for each category (plus dozens of variations), probably you will want to change or add more, but not necessarily a lot; this is supposed to be a nice clothing estore with very ‘few but good’ selected items. The plugin has many parameters to search/pick from Amazon, such as keywords, best sellers, on sale, by price etc. so if for example you want to add to your store the best selling and expensive model of Reebook’s, you can do that with a few clicks (even easier, you can also enter Amazon’s ASIN numbers so you can feed your store without even searching Amazon from within the plugin itself).

Another feature of the site is that clicking on ‘blog’ reveals hundreds of posts (all of them with pictures) all related to urban fashion, hip hop, rap music, street dance etc. which will add interest and precious SEO-juice to the site. We’ve used over 80 sources here (more can be added, or existing ones can be changed of course – notice that like all our aggregators, all stories open at the originating source but this can be changed with one click, i.e. you can open all the articles on site). Alternatively, all this content could be entirely replaced or integrated with your own blog should you have such an inclination. Under the blog section, you will also see a sidebar full of adverts that will help with site monetization. Finally, notice the great attention to details with (among other things) the fancy Ajax drop-down shopping cart at the top and – above all – the perfect integration between WooCommerce theme plugins used.

Features list:

  • e-commerce works with either affiliate products (Amazon sells and ships, you get a commission) OR even with physical products (sold and shipped by you).
  • on-site shopping cart, get commissions for multiple items at once !
  • 90-days Amazon cookie instead of 24-hours – earning potential fully maximized . Note: these two features are extremely important!
  • manually create your store like a real store: you can pick any products you want!
  • unique features such as: highly customizable grid building solution with 100s of layouts and skins – user selectable product variations (colors, size etc.) – possible price filters – images galleries – possible layered nav – possible related products – possible wishlistsreviews will greatly enhance your visitors’ shopping experience.
  • automatically post hundreds of articles at the time interval you prefer, all with pictures, from the top hipsters, hip-hops, rap websites on the Net – or use the blog function to post your own content.
  • outstanding integration between theme, shopping cart plugin, grid plugin and Amazon plugin.
  • Ajax cart, social icons, multiple affiliate adverts to further help with conversions and of course the latest fully mobile responsive code.
  • works with Amazon USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, China, Italy, Spain and India.
  • very detailed customization instructions.

Requirements: if you do NOT host with us make sure SOAP and cURL extensions are installed/enabled on your server (most hosts including ourselves install these by default but ask yours if in doubt because a few don’t).

Notice about automated websites

1) Most automated sites are slowed down or paused in order to save resources. Once you get your automated site, Cron jobs will be obviously un-paused and posts will be current.

2) With aggregators, you can choose whether to show posts on site, or have the original stories open in a new window at the original site (default behavior).

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