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Incredibly comprehensive authority aggregator in a very hot niche. Survivalism news, articles, reviews, products, videos and much more. On auto-pilot with WP Automatic and WooZone plugins, the entire site changes every day all by itself! Big site, give visitors interest with 100s of headlines from the top survivalism and prepping sites. Over 60 different categories and dozens of menu entries. The best Amazon products from knives to frozen foods, to tactical equipment, 2-way radios, books/DVDs, guns accessories, first aid kits, bug-out bags and many more. Under ‘News’ we have all the topics that are incredibly popular now, such as firearms (and guns ban, superhot), survivalism, prepping, self defense and many more! Videos have been divided in mostly reviews of knives, guns and firearms, survival kits and food/water storage and preparation. This is a must-have in every serious Internet Marketer portfolio, grab yours before the world ends!

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Survivalism & emergency preparedness



Extremely comprehensive authority aggregator in a very hot niche.
Survivalism & prepping news, articles, reviews, products, videos and much more. A site like this doesn’t even exist yet – no competition!
On auto-pilot with TWO automations, the entire site changes every day all by itself!
Huge site, give visitors interest with 1,000s of headlines from the top survivalism sites.

This is the site in our portfolio that has taken more time and effort to design so far. It is huge, with over 60 different categories and dozens of menu entries. Once designed (i.e. empty site), just a few test hits on the two automations pulled in over 3,000 posts (articles, products and videos), and tags. The site backup when new, is over 100Mb. It has two automations: one with WooZone(to pull in Amazon products) and the other with WP Automatic (to pull in news and videos).
Amazon products go under the ‘Products’ category and its children

Under the ‘News’ and its children category we have all the topics that are incredibly popular now, such as firearms (the ban on guns topic will be superhot for years to come!), survivalism, prepping, self defense etc. That would have been enough, but we’ve also added even more subtle topics such as global and economic disasters, doomers and collapse of society, food/gas/water shortage, up to libertarianism and living off the grid. Instructions explain how to add even more categories if you want.

Extra care has been taken in making sure the site is fluid and pleasant to visit, despite the size. Make sure to open your browser sufficiently in order to view the site properly, since the site (being mobile responsive of course) adjusts itself to the browser’s width. The site fonts and graphics have been carefully chosen to look slightly military. The entire huge homepage changes by itself at intervals that you can specify. In fact the site does not even require any maintenance, even though we do not feel to recommend this site to an absolute beginner.

The site obviously monetizes from the 1000s of Amazon products, but also from the many ads strategically placed (notice for example the Taser gun at the top of every internal page). In addition to normal affiliate programs, you could join many online vendors’ affiliate programs; since survivalism and prepping are so in demand, there’s plenty of them. Sites like nitro-pak.com, thereadystore.com, buysellguns.com, impactguns.com and many others have their own easy to join affiliate programs. You don’t need to necessarily live in the USA to join them. The site comes with instructions on how to customize the ads.

Other cool features include an opt-in box right at the top (collect visitors emails via Feedburner for further promotions), social links, an add (or remove) your feed page, contact and privacy pages. In addition, there is also a form, already made but not activated, to sell your own ads spaces via Paypal. Finally, notice how all videos play in a very elegant, and large, lightbox.
SEO-wise, the site is fully optimized (SEO functions built-in) and comes with 100s of keywords and 1000s of tags. It runs the latest WordPress, the latest theme and the latest plugins (including the paid ones). Google loves modern, updated code, and this site will never become obsolete or break on you, ever.

Keywords used go from the obvious to the most amazing (people actually search for stuff like anarcho-primitivism). From survivalism to prepping, to natural disasters, economic collapse (135k searches/month!), pandemics, self-defense, grow your own food, underground shelters (!), home invasions (!!), prepare for the worst (!!!), swine flu, poles shifts, social order breakdown, thermonuclear disasters, investing in gold ($15 CPC), stocking ammunition, social chaos, civil unrest and many, many more.

Notice about automated websites

1) Most automated sites are slowed down or paused in order to save resources. Once you get your automated site, Cron jobs will be obviously un-paused and posts will be current.

2) With aggregators, you can choose whether to show posts on site, or have the original stories open in a new window at the original site (default behavior).

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