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Toy Mega Store


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Toys is an ever-green niche and you don’t want it to be missing in your affiliate marketer portfolio! For this reason we’ve added TONS of features: outstanding integration between theme, Woocommerce, and the wonderful Amazon plugin which makes pulling in the best products so easy (the site comes with a large items inventory, and you can easily add more!). Plus: a beautiful slideshow, social likes, social links, in-menu-CART, and of course an outstanding and fully mobile responsive Homepage.

Become a real e-tailer in an ever green niche

Toy Mega Store

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Toy Mega Store

With this site you can become a super Amazon affiliate. The site comes with 137 products already posted, of course you can/will add more which is an easy job to do (niches like this cannot use automated plugins to pull in products, since you want to pick and offer the very best).

Every aspect of the relatively complex homepage can be easily customized (no coding required), from the header image and slider, to the content section and the right sidebar. In other words a professional on-line store which doesn’t look at all like an affiliate store. Again please keep in mind that the site is brand new so just imagine how it will look once more products will be (automatically) added, along with any changes or modifications you may want to perform (the site admin panel/theme are easy to use, OR re-use if you wish to duplicate the site, even to a different niche).

Those who know WooCommerce will appreciate how it’s been perfectly integrated and pruned of its usual quirks (all WooCommerce sites generally look the same, especially in single product and cart view).

The Amazon plugin allows to import products by browsing Amazon categories from within the plugin (you can search by best sellers, price, keywords, browsenodes etc.) or – which we recommend – simply pasting Amazon ASINs in an import box. So basically the ‘job’ is limited to visiting Amazon every few weeks to see if any new models have hit the market (or perform a search via the plugin), in this case adding them is just a one-click thing (the plugin automatically keeps the existing inventory and prices always updated via Cron!).

If you want to localize the site to your own country (for example prices in £ and check out from Amazon.co.uk), this is perfectly possible because WooCommerce works with any currency and the Amazon plugin works with all Amazons (USA, UK, Germany etc.). This is not advisable though since Amazon.com has more products and visibility of all the other Amazons together.

Features list:

  • e-commerce works with either affiliate products (Amazon sells and ships, you get a commission) OR even with real physical products (sold and shipped by you).
  • on-site shopping cart, get commissions for multiple items at once! Ajax cart in the menu!
  • 90-days Amazon cookie instead of 24-hours earning potential fully maximized. Remember if visitors end up buying a watch instead of a ‘drone’ you still make the commission… they got your cookie for 90-days!
  • create your store like a real store: you can pick any products you want!
  • unique features such as: – product variations – images galleries with lightboxrelated products – users reviews will greatly enhance your visitors’ shopping experience.
  • Cron to keep your inventory up-to-date automatically.
  • works with Amazon USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, China, Italy, Spain and India.
  • people love and trust Amazon and will love the site easy-checkout. No need to enter credit card and address details. Many real big e-tailers use Amazon checkout.

Requirements: if you do NOT host with us make sure SOAP and cURL extensions are installed/enabled on your server (most hosts including ourselves install these by default but ask yours if in doubt because a few don’t).

Notice about automated websites

1) Most automated sites are slowed down or paused in order to save resources. Once you get your automated site, Cron jobs will be obviously un-paused and posts will be current.

2) With aggregators, you can choose whether to show posts on site, or have the original stories open in a new window at the original site (default behavior).

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