Yoga video lessons


Welcome to Yoga TV! Yoga free video lessons with hundreds of videos, for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Completely on autopilot, you do nothing to maintain the site, which pulls in new videos daily automatically! Make money with AdSense, Clickbank and Amazon Associates.


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Yoga video lessons


Beginner to Advanced Free Online Yoga Lessons ~ New Videos Every Day!

Hugely profitable Yoga Video Lessons niche!

Entirely automated, health related, “TV style” website with 100s of videos!

Recently redesigned!

Completely automated website with hundreds of Yoga video lessons subdivided in Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels. This is a very simple site to customize/duplicate (in case you wanted to) so for example changing the topic entirely, from, say, “Yoga” to “electric guitar lessons”, would literally take a few minutes.

Especially with sport and activities, more and more people obviously prefer watching videos rather than reading articles. Unfortunately with websites like YouTube, so huge and generic, one has to search for hours, which is annoying and confusing. Arranging all the information into neat and easy to follow topics makes visitors happy and likely to return. At the same time, given the staggering amount of strictly related keywords and tags (great for SERP obviously), all the ads are spot-on and likely to interest viewers.

CPC is likely to be high since health related ads pay very well (imagine all the keywords you’ll be getting, like yoga for sex, yoga health benefits ($7 CPC), yoga and pregnancy, aging and so on). Since videos are streamed directly from YouTube there is no bandwidth or storage issues with the site. Videos sites are valuable, profitable and for this reason often very expensive – look at these ones here, here and here for example. What’s the difference between those 5-digits sale sites and our(s)? Well, some may say that our videos sites are better designed, have more features, and cost up to 150 times less — but we just provide the links, you have a brain so go compare and decide what’s worth your investment.

We’ve used a cool lightbox style to display the videos (you can set the video size in the options). The site is quite minimalist, given the subject. It is also mobile friendly, i.e. it resizes itself when visited from a tablet or cell phone. Customising the site (if you want to) is quick since it only requires changing the header (also supplied in Photoshop format as usual) and the “Namaste” welcome section is just text in a widget.

Advertising throughout the site is comprehensive but not overwhelming, as usual these ads spaces are just a guideline, you can use any affiliate program you like, simply replacing the code (as explained in the instructions). We have recently added a Yoga store to the site.