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Personal finance & debt relief

Completely self-automated aggregator website about personal finance, debt relief, bad credit, frugal living, making money and other extremely profitable ($20/$30 per click!) and current niches. One of our most lucrative websites now better than ever: FULLY REDESIGNED AT THE END OF MAY 2015 TO BE [Read more…]


Accidents & Personal Injuries

Completely self-automated aggregator website about Personal Injuries, Disabilities, Medical Malpractice, Traffic Accidents, Industrial and Workplace Diseases, Accident Claims, Legal News and other extremely profitable (UP TO OVER $200 PER CLICK!) related topics. JUST REDESIGNED (May 2015) this site is a must have for any serious [Read more…]


Photo sharing site, users powered like Flickr

Outstanding photography showcase membership site. Once joined photographers get exposure and links to their websites and Facebook pages. Photographers also get a portfolio page to which they will be eager to backlink and promote. Visitors can see their work, make comments, rate and share it. [Read more…]


Sell PLR Articles

Make money selling articles, 24/7, all automatically!! Comes with a HUGE archive of 100,000 PLR articles already preloaded covering hundreds of topics. Shopping cart is also preconfigured and everything is automatic, you do nothing when visitors make a purchase. NOW ENTIRELY REDESIGNED FROM SCRATCH with [Read more…]


Investing and Forex News Aggregator

A fully automated, highly customizable, WordPress based Financial news aggregator website with incredible profit potential. Now completely redesigned with many more features such as Bitcoin coverage. The site automatically syndicates and publish the content from over 130 different authoritative sources from every major financial sector [Read more…]

Our Health News aggregator has just been redesigned with tons of new features! [Read more…]
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Modern design blog-style news (with mobile app)

Comprehensive blog-style aggregator about all-things-modern (urban, fashion, industrial, interiors, products and design). Extremely elegant layout with great typography. Entirely automated with no work required. The site also comes with its own downloadable free mobile app which can also be monetized. Great sister site to our [Read more…]


QR Code generator (with mobile app)

QR Code generator online website with your downloadable mobile app! QR Codes are pretty much everywhere; they are used to store text, share websites URLs, email addresses, phone numbers and so on. They are on many products packages, widely used in advertising, and of course, [Read more…]


Modern style contemporary design store

Elegant and fully customizable e-store with multiple new features. Hot ‘modern design and contemporary style’ niche. Featuring lock screen opt-in, newsletters integration, outstanding layout and graphics, completely customizable to cover any niche, 90-days cookies, multiple monetization including selling real products, elegant grid and catalog views, [Read more…]


Android news and products 2x automation megasite

Authority aggregator about all things Android. The site automatically pulls in an enormous amount of content from pretty much all the major Android-related websites on the Net, along with Amazon hardware in the three major categories phones, tablets and wearables. Outstanding tags menu making a [Read more…]

Shopping guide and news for mixologists!

Cocktails store with automated blog

Very comprehensive site in an evergreen niche such as cocktails! 90-days Amazon cookies thanks to the on site shopping cart with real check-out. The site comes with ~250 products already but adding more takes no effort. Additionally, hundreds of posts re:cocktails recipes, ‘booze news’ etc. [Read more…]